I Want to Buy a New Vehicle, What Should I Get?

With this guide, you will learn of the tools available to you, and get the information you need, so you can make a great choice as to what new vehicle you want to purchase that meets your needs and gives you pleasure. The vehicle can be New or Pre-owned, but it will be NEW to you!

Did you know that it takes many people three to six months to decide what vehicle to purchase? There are vehicle shopper studies that show a vehicle shopper is in the market to buy for up to 6 months from the time they said to themselves "I Want to Buy a New Vehicle, What Should I Get?"

This course will provide you with the tools and information to make the decision and answer the question "What Should I Get?"

You will start by learning how a vehicle's cost, interest rates, and loan length convert to a monthly payment. This will help you set your budget and put you on the right path to knowing what to research.

Car, Truck, SUV, Mini-Van, Van. Hmmm? Gas or Electric. Hmmm? Learn about each type of vehicle to help you decide what is best for you.

There are so many brands (Manufacturers - EX: Ford, Chevrolet, BMW, Toyota, Honda, and Lexus to name a few) and models to choose from. This section of the course will teach you how to distinguish the differences and what to research to help you decide which brand has the model that best fits the type of vehicle you want. You will also learn how to know which brands meet the many requirements that meet your needs and or wants, such as foreign or domestic, length of factory warranty, and cost of ownership (cost of the vehicle, cost of maintenance, etc....), and owner recommendations and reviews of the brand.

In the last module of the course, you will narrow down your decision and answer the final part of "What Should I Get?" This is where you decide if you want a New or Pre-owned, and learn how to research the pricing for a specific vehicle that you are interested in buying.  
Expected launch date June 30, 2023

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