About Lloyd Hecht Consulting

Hi, I'm Lloyd

President and  Founder


Lloyd has helped many friends and family through the process of purchasing a vehicle. In all cases everyone he had the opportunity to help, were very grateful. His experience in the auto industry has given him the knowledge that is needed to teach this. 

He has been in the automotive industry since 1976. The industry has a bad stigma that the experience of buying a vehicle is like going to the dentist.

 Lloyd wants to teach people how to make this a great experience.

Later courses will help the younger generations become better sales professionals, sales leaders, and executive leaders in the automotive industry.

Why Lloyd Hecht Consulting?


Many people ask why I want to teach others how to buy a vehicle. 


To help people understand how to select and buy a vehicle and have it be a great experience and feel good about the deal they received.

This is the first coaching program, others will follow so Lloyd can continue to serve others and help them with automotive-related topics.

Lloyd wants to give back to the industry that has been good to him during his career. Helping people to feel good about how to buy a car, helps to change the stigma of the car-buying experience. 


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