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We are extremely successful with WOMEN, FIRST-TIME BUYERS,  AND YOUNGER SHOPPERS who are not comfortable in a dealership environment. Lloyd Hecht Consulting is structured to help ANYONE who is planning to purchase a vehicle or is in the middle of the process of buying a new, used, or certified vehicle. 
  • You may be very successful at work and in your family life. 
  • You have confidence in what you do but are still unsure when it is time to buy a vehicle. 
  • You want to know what is a good deal, if you are getting a good value for the trade-in, if the financing was right for you.
  • You also want to know what are all the programs the dealer is going to try and sell you on top of the vehicle. 
  • You may be a first-time car buyer, a person who has a fear of not knowing the language used by the dealership. 
  • You want to understand if it's a reasonable price, what insurance products are, what vehicle amenities are, and what should be added to payments. 
  • You do not want to be oversold, and you want to understand if the warranties will serve you well.

You want to feel GREAT about the deal you made and the vehicle you just purchased!

If this sounds like you, then our programs can help you create a fantastic buying experience.

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Our Programs



Lloyd Hecht Consulting (LHC) offers online courses and one-on-one live coaching on how to buy a vehicle
(car, truck, SUV, van-minivan).
The clients of LHC should understand we are not influenced by dealerships or other products. We do not sell cars, we do not sell warranties. LHC is 100% in business to train the shopper. We are not incentivized to drive shoppers to any one Manufacturer Brand, Make, or Model.
We do not sell any other products that dealers sell. Our only goal is to help our clients know what is best for them.


Pre-Course Launch Free One-On-One Session with Lloyd Hecht

One time opportunity to have Lloyd help you with your vehicle purchase for free. (limited time offer)

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I Want to Buy a New Vehicle, What Should I Get?

A complete course to help decide what vehicle to buy and where to buy it.

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Understand How to Buy a Vehicle From a Dealership Without Feeling Like You Just Went To The Dentist

Remove the stress of buying an automobile by understanding the components that make up the deal. 

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